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Graphical User Interface Analyzer Software

fcXplorer, AIT's Fibre Channel Simulator and Analyzer Test Software provides an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for AIT's Fibre Channel Simulyzer™ interface modules. fcXplorer troubleshoots, optimizes, plans and configures Fibre Channel traffic loading. Low- and High-level protocol analysis features provide capture, filter, time stamp and interpretation of Fibre Channel traffic and generation of advanced statistics. fcXplorer can alert engineers to potential performance and configuration problems allowing users to quickly identify and remedy any anomalous network condition.


  • FC-1, FC-2, and FC4 Analyzer modes and displays
  • Frame parser for custom display of FC frames and payload data
  • Captured data can be saved as binary or "csv" files
  • User-defined trigger and filter features
  • "Live Capture" real-time display
  • Error detection and reproduction
  • Complete control of the transmit link
  • Replay of recorded data with precision timing or corrected protocol timing
  • Special testing functions such as defining command/response for echange management


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