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Fibre Channel Software Development Kit

AIT's FC SDK provides a complete suite of Fibre Channel software Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) and tools to support intuitive and effective access to the features and functions of the AIT Simulyzer™ hardware modules.

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The FC SDK provides Drivers and APIs for a variety of Operating System Platforms:

  • MS Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • QNX® Neutrino® RTOS
  • Other RTOSs on request (LynxOS, Integrity, ....)

Additionally, the SDK provides support for application development using multiple programming languages:

  • ANSI C
  • LabVIEW (Virtual Instruments)

Included with the application interface are several C programs (delivered as source code) which perform various functions. The Fibre Channel sample programs utilizes the application interface functions. The sample functions can be used by the application developer to easily program the Fibre Channel Simulyzer™ for transmission, reception, monitor, filter, trigger, and status.

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