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AIT PXI Express Test & Simulation Instruments


AIT’s Test & Simulation Instruments for MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, ARINC 664/Avionics Ethernet, and Fibre Channel are available in PXI and PXI Express form factors and are supported by software drivers for Windows, Linux, and LabVIEW Real Time. All instruments are also supported by Software Development Kits which provide API’s for C/C++, C#, and LabVIEW.


3U PXI Express

MIL-STD-1553 Test Instrument for PXI Express. Provides up to 4 MIL-STD-1553 channels. Supports BC, 31 RTs, and Bus Monitor on each channel  AIT PXIe-1553 Instrument
PXIe-429  3U PXI Express ARINC 429 Test & Simulation Module for PXI Express. Provides up to 64 ARINC 429 channels (32 Tx & 32 Rx). All ARINC 429 output channels have user programable amplitude and DC Offset.   AIT PXIe-429 Instrument
PXIe-664  3U PXI Express ARINC 664 & Avionics Ethernet Test & Simulatrion Module for PXI Express. Provides support for capture and replay of Ethernet traffic. Also support ARINC 664 redundancy and traffic shaping operations. Supports 10Mbit, 100Mbit, and 1Gbit Ethernet operations over both copper and optical media interfaces.  AIT PXIe-664 Instrument
PXIe-FC4  3U PXI Express Fibre Channel Test Instrument for PXI Express. Provides support for Capture, Record, & Replay of Fibre Channel data. User applications can build and transmit Fibre Channel frames wilth full control for error injection.  AIT PXIe-FC4 Instrument
PXIe-1760  3U PXI Express HS1760 Test Instrument for PXI Express. Provides support for High Speed 1760 and FC-AE-1553 Network Controller and Network Terminal simulations.  AIT PXIe-FC4 Instrument
PXIe-ETHFC  3U PXI Express Reconfigurable test instrument for PXI Express. Provides support for both Ethernet & Fibre Channel network interfaces.  AIT PXIe-FC4 Instrument
PXIe-SMN 3U PXI Express Reflective Memory interface module for PXI Express AIT PXIe-FC4 Instrument

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